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Alcentro Trattoria is inspired by and a collaboration of friends and family… and, of course, food. In Italian “centro” means “the center” – where everything happens! For us, family and friends are the center of our lives and the kitchen is the center of home. The kitchen is where we pour our heart and soul to prepare meals to share with these people who mean so much to us. We are bringing our love and passion for food to you, so you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Centrally located in Bloomingdale's Old Town area, Alcentro is bringing you familiar flavors and new delights.  The owner, Domenico Fronteddu, is a native of Sardinia and his menu highlights specialties from home. Sardinia boasts a gastronomic whirlwind of delicate, bold and complex flavors – which can be experienced in dishes such as macarrones de punzu, linguine vongole e bottarga or the traditional sweet and savory dessert of seada al miele.

domenico fronteddu
domenico fronteddu
Grew up in Siniscola, on the island of Sardinia. His love affair with food started out like many of us, eating homemade food cooked by his mother, but did not really come to fruition until moving to the United States. Far away from home and missing those homemade dishes from childhood, he began regularly calling his mother to ask for “recipes”. The more he cooked, the more fulfilled he felt… and the rest, as they say, is history!

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